Analysts hail efforts of Pakistani embassy staff to safely evacuate Pakistanis from Ukraine

Analysts hail efforts of Pakistani embassy staff to safely evacuate Pakistanis from Ukraine

Najam-us-Saqib (former ambassador): There are about three thousand Pakistani students enrolled in different universities across Ukraine. The recent escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has deteriorated the situation of public order in the Slavic nation. Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ukraine is a well-trained civil servant who knows the intricacies of war zones. The Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine has been moved from Kyiv to Ternopil. Despite limited resources, embassy staff are working around the clock to evacuate Pakistani students from the war zone. Our Foreign Affairs Office is in constant contact with the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine to provide all possible assistance. The airfield is heavily engaged and Pakistani officials are awaiting the green signal from the government to carry out an air evacuation mission. Some students have reached Poland safely as the Pakistan Embassy coordinates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as directly with Pakistani students in Ukraine. The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also updates the families of these students in Pakistan with authentic information and guidelines for stranded students in Ukraine. There are some logistical hurdles as Ukraine is in a state of war, but embassy officials are still working diligently. The disbelievers who always wanted to defame Pakistan are spreading fake news. Special hotlines have been set up through which students can contact the ambassador directly. Pakistan’s position on the Ukraine-Russia conflict is unequivocal as Islamabad wants this issue to be resolved through diplomatic negotiations. Russia will never back down easily because it invaded Ukraine with a clear plan. The pre-escalation meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart implies that the West will have to give in because Russia will never allow NATO forces into its vicinity. Furthermore, the Russian President said that anyone who engages in this conflict will receive dignified and historic retaliation from Moscow. The outcome of this conflict totally depends on the West and its zeal to solve this problem through talks.

Asim Iftikhar (Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan): The situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly. About 3,000 Pakistani students are in Ukraine for their higher education. The Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine had been advising Pakistani students for several weeks to leave the country and already 2,400 students have been evacuated. The remaining 600 students come from different cities in Ukraine and are in direct contact with embassy staff who work remotely 24/7. Additionally, Pakistani embassies in neighboring countries, including Romania, Hungary, and Poland, coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Pakistani Embassy in Ukraine. Pakistani students will then be safely evacuated from these countries to Pakistan. Most students have already reached Poland safely. Pakistani families in Ukraine have also fled to Pakistan. Islamabad has clearly communicated its position that the conflict in Ukraine can only be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

Ambassador Zafar Iqbal (Pakistani Ambassador to Romania): Pakistani students in Ukraine consulted the Pakistani Embassy in Romania through hotline numbers. So far, some students have reached Romania as they move to Poland and other Schengen states. The Pakistani Embassy in Romania has made accommodation arrangements for Pakistani students and families. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the immigration authorities are in contact with Pakistani embassy staff. A special hotline has been set up with the number +40791547205 for Pakistanis stranded in Ukraine to provide them with a safe route to Romania.

Zain Hussain Qureshi (Head of PTI): The Pakistan People’s Party has ruled Sindh for fifteen long years and the devastation in Sindh is plain and clear to everyone. The Sindh government has not even introduced a single public welfare project for the province. The main purpose of this march is to enlighten the Sindhi public about the systematic violence that deprives them of their fundamental rights. The rally is already a success as thousands of Pakistanis have joined hands to break the chains of PPP feudalism.

Lal Chand (MNA PTI): The problems of ordinary Pakistanis are different in Sindh because the provincial government deprives them of welfare programs initiated by the federal government. Government programs run by the PTI, such as health and ration cards, provide quality health facilities and subsidies to oppressed segments of society. But low-income people in Sindh have been denied these welfare programs by the provincial government. The general public suffers from the PPP’s hatred of the central government. The 18th Amendment is abused by PPP leaders for bribery because the funds were never used for public welfare projects. Conversely, the PTI government has launched projects worth 1100 billion rupees for Sindh and certainly Karachi. The purpose of the ‘Sindhis Rights’ rally is to enlighten the general public at the grassroots level and rightly oppose the bogus policies and management of the government of Sindh.