Canada withdraws non-essential Ukrainian embassy staff amid Russian threat – National

Canada is withdrawing non-essential staff from the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine as concerns continue to grow over the threat of a Russian incursion.

In a statement on Sunday, Global Affairs Canada said it was temporarily withdrawing non-essential Canadian employees and remaining dependents from the embassy in Kyiv.

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Canada orders families of diplomats to leave Ukraine as fears grow over Russian threat

On Monday, Canada had ordered the families of diplomats stationed at the embassy in Ukraine to leave the country because of “Russian military build-up and destabilizing activities” in the region.

“As we continue to monitor the situation closely, our top priority remains the safety and security of Canadians,” GAC said in a statement Sunday.

“As announced earlier this week, Canada will reinforce the team at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, with officials with expertise in areas such as security sector reform, conflict management, democratic reform, consular services and diplomacy,” AMC said.

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“Together, they will increase our diplomatic capacity and allow us to continue to assess and respond to developments in support of Ukraine.”

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Putin practices ‘psychological warfare’ on Ukrainian border: former ambassador

Putin practices ‘psychological warfare’ on Ukrainian border: former ambassador

With more than 100,000 Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border, US and NATO allies have spent weeks warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin is about to invade the former Soviet state again. .

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Russia was looking for “apologies” to escalate hostilities against Ukraine.

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Weapons are a powerful deterrent for Russia, says former Ukrainian ambassador

Putin denied any intention to invade Ukraine, saying the increased military presence was a response to provocations from the West.

Canada and other NATO allies have urged Russia to help find a diplomatic solution to the current tensions, but a number of Russian demands – including barring Ukraine from joining NATO – are considered non-runners.

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Amid tensions, the US and UK have also withdrawn the families of their diplomats from Ukraine and allowed some embassy staff to leave the country, citing concerns about the possibility of a Russian invasion.

European Union member states, on the other hand, kept the dependents of their diplomats in place.

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