Ghana: Muslim Representatives Meet with US Embassy Staff Over Iftar

The Representative of Muslim Organizations and the Office of the National Chief Imam held an iftar (breaking the fast) with two officials from the US Embassy in Accra last Thursday, as part of efforts to foster relations cordial with both.

The meeting, held at the Kanda National Mosque, Accra, was expected to give diplomats the opportunity to learn more about Ramadan, meet and interact with the secretaries of the four major Muslim sects and organizations from Ghana.

Attending the Iftar were Alhaji Awaisu Bio Salisu, the National Executive Secretary of the Office of the National Chief Imam, Alhaji Khuzaima Mohammed Osman, the Executive Secretary of the Tijjaniya Muslim Movement of Ghana (TMMG), Sheikh Swalah Bamba, the national organizer of AhluSunnahWalJamat (ASWAJ) and Alhajj Muallim Bashiru Kwaw, representative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission who is himself a Missionary in Achimota & Amasaman.

Christopher Perry, the Political Director of the United States Embassy, ​​thanked his host and expressed his joy and appreciation for Iftar and the opportunity to meet the major Islamic sects in Ghana with the Imam’s office in national chief.

AlhajiSalisu pledged to meet periodically with his counterparts from Islamic sects in Ghana to get to know each other better and initiate platforms for communication and sharing of knowledge, experiences and improved working relations between the Imam Office in National Chief of Ghana (ONCI) and the four major Islamic sects in Ghana.

The four representatives discussed various issues affecting the Muslim community, good governance and how religious leaders could work together to hold political leaders accountable to their people.