Russia expels five Portuguese embassy staff

“Portuguese Ambassador to Moscow [Madalena Fischer] He was summoned this morning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation after being informed of the expulsion of 5 embassy staff members who were to leave Russia within 14 days,” the Palácio das Necessities.

“The Portuguese government rejects the decision of the Russian authorities, for which there is no justification other than a simple retaliation. Russian officials were expelled from PortugalThese national officials carried out strict diplomatic action in full compliance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE).

Escape expected by Portugal. Moscow announced on Wednesday the expulsion of 27 Spanish and 24 Italian ambassadors in retaliation for similar actions taken by Madrid and Rome following the occupation of Ukraine. The Russian MNE published the information a day after the decision to expel two officials from the Finnish embassy following the announcement of the expulsion of 34 French diplomats. The number of Spanish and Italian ambassadors is now considered The person is ungrateful The governments of the two European countries simultaneously sent Russian ambassadors out of their countries in April.

Releases were nominal. In April, the Russian MNE provided the Portuguese MNE with a list of five embassy officials to be expelled, just as Lisbon provided Moscow with a list of ten Russian officials to leave Portugal.

The Portuguese Embassy in Moscow employs around ten people – less than half of whom are diplomats – who share the building where the Chancellor and the Embassy work, as well as the commercial and administrative services. MNE did not want to divulge the professional type or the name of the expelled Portuguese. Most will be civil servants with diplomatic status, but not diplomats, two senior Necessidades officials told PÚBLICO.

The list of those expelled will not include Portuguese ambassador Madeleine Fischer or her number two diplomat Marcelo Matthias. Third in line at the embassy is political adviser Joao Gilfriedas, a diplomat since 2015 and a master’s degree in Russian for tourism and business. Moscow from 2019. Diplomat Philippe Patricio is in charge of the embassy. Nuno Lima Lite, director and coordinator of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade in Portugal of the Moscow Group, economic and trade adviser, and the Portuguese reader, sent by Camos – Institudo da Couperago e da Lingua, Jono Carlos Montona Jono, none of them are diplomats. The rest of the staff will provide administrative support.

Lisbon was waiting any moment for news of the expulsion. “Must be immediate”PÚBLICO on Wednesday, a known ambassador said Document. Russia was supposed to expel Portuguese ambassadors of the same professional level as expelled Russians, in this case, below the category of ambassador or project manager.

Antonio Costa is visiting Romania and Poland and the President added on Wednesday that following this visit the Prime Minister will also visit Ukraine (the date of this visit is unknown for security reasons). The fact that the head of state revealed the date of Costa’s visit to Ukraine Creo MShould be In PS, because Costa’s office demanded complete secrecy on the trip. But Rebello Sousa revealed the secret that PÚBLICO reveals in today’s title.