The United States would have transferred the personnel of the Embassy of Ukraine to Poland

The United States Embassy in Kyiv. Sergei Supinsky/AFP via Getty Images

All remaining US State Department personnel in Ukraine were evacuated to Poland on Monday, Bloomberg reports, in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dispatch of troops to two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

President Biden has warned for weeks that Putin plans to invade Ukraine, citing intelligence and the fact that Russia has spent the last year moving troops to the border with Ukraine; it is estimated that there are around 190,000 currently in place. Late last month, the State Department downsized the embassy in Kyiv and evacuated employees’ families, before temporarily relocating the embassy to Lyiv in western Ukraine.

Several US officials have said Bloomberg staff are staying in a hotel just across the border from Ukraine, so if the security situation appears stable on Tuesday, it will be easy for them to return. While staff are in Poland, all embassy and consulate activities will continue, officials said, and Ukrainian employees are likely to receive additional assistance, including advances on their salaries.

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