Ukraine: Turkey begins evacuation of embassy staff in Kyiv -Official

Turkey has started evacuating staff from its embassy in Kyiv as Russian troops closed in on the Ukrainian capital, an official told AFP on Friday.

The advance of Russian forces continued on Friday against the capital Kiev, which risks being completely surrounded.

“We are evacuating embassy staff for security reasons,” the official, who wished to remain anonymous, told AFP.

The Turkish embassy will be moved to Chernivtsi near the Romanian border.

Turkey was one of the last countries, along with Poland, to stay in Kyiv despite the deteriorating situation on the ground.

Nearly 20,000 people had already been evacuated between Wednesday and Thursday from the Kiev region, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Thursday that half of the city’s population had fled and the capital “turned into a fortress”.

“Every street, every building, every checkpoint has been fortified.”

The UN announced on Friday that more than 2.5 million people have already fled the war-torn area in Ukraine, while more than two million others have been internally displaced since the launch of the invasion. Russian.

Amid growing fears of nuclear Armageddon and a climatic phase of global economic drought, French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Friday, following a meeting of EU leaders at the Palace of Versailles, in Paris, that “Europe and also Africa will be very deeply destabilized as far as food is concerned because of what cannot be planted at the moment in Ukraine”.