US evacuates all Afghan embassy staff (report)

All local Afghan staff at the United States Embassy in Kabul and their families were successfully evacuated by the United States on Saturday evening. according to ABC News.

An internal report obtained by ABC News said about 2,800 Afghans had left Kabul airport on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The State Department was unable to provide comment when contacted by The Hill.

An internal State Department cable sent last week reportedly said local Afghan embassy staff were “deeply discouraged” by the evacuation operations. The cable relayed reports of staff being harassed, spat and insulted by Taliban fighters at checkpoints.

“Our local staff and their families have suffered hardships, pain and loss as a result of their dedication to working with us to build a better future for all Afghans. We have a special commitment to them because of this,” a State Department spokesperson told The Hill. at the time.

After taking power, the Taliban swore amnesty to Afghans who worked with Western-backed governments. However, reports quickly emerged of Taliban fighters seeking homes in search of Western allies and threatening the lives of their families. The Taliban denied the information, a spokesman calling it “all fake news”.

The internal report obtained by ABC News also indicates that US facilities are quickly overwhelmed, with Fort Lee nearing capacity and Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC struggling to process all arrivals.

During press conference State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed on Friday that the majority of local Afghan staff and their families had been evacuated from Kabul.

On Sunday, the State Department said there were about 250 Americans in Afghanistan still trying to leave the country. Some may already be at Hamid Karzai International Airport or on their way.

Two suicide bombers attacked the airport with explosives last week, killing 13 US servicemen and at least 160 Afghans. On Saturday, the United States Embassy in Kabul issued a security alert advising Americans to leave the airport due to a “specific and credible threat.”

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