US partially withdraws Mali embassy staff

Islamist rebels are on the rise in Mali, and the United States is now cutting its embassy staff. It reminds me of the events in Afghanistan.

Due to the growing threat of terrorism, the United States is seeking to significantly reduce staff at its embassy in the beleaguered West African state of Mali. The Foreign Ministry said Friday that government employees and their family members not responsible for the emergency have been ordered to leave the country. This is due to the increased risk of terrorist attacks in areas visited by Westerners.

The partial withdrawal of US Embassy personnel from Mali recalled the rocky withdrawal of troops from Kabul in late August last year. In the statement, the State Department stressed that the Embassy in Mali can only guarantee limited security to American citizens in the country. In response to the announcement, military expert Carlo Masala recalled the chaotic scenes at Kabul airport nearly a year ago.

66 dead in attack on military posts

The security situation in Mali has deteriorated in recent months. On Wednesday, 66 people, including three civilians, were killed in attacks on two military posts in the central towns of Sokolo and Kalumba. A week earlier, suspected extremists attacked a hideout outside the capital, Bamako.