US State Department orders families of US embassy staff in Ukraine to start leaving

The State Department has ordered the families of US citizens to leave the country, US officials told a news outlet.

Authorities have asked the families of U.S. Embassy staff in Ukraine to begin fleeing on Monday.

Russia-Ukraine tension

According to a report in the New York Post, the State Department will ask the families of US Embassy staff in Ukraine to leave as early as Monday, as Russian belligerence grows. The State Department has already issued the highest travel warning for Ukraine, advising Americans not to travel there.

Also, a State Department official talks about what will happen if Russia enters Ukraine. Blinken’s messages came just hours after his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Geneva ended in an impasse, insisting that Russia has no intention of attacking. However, Russian fighter jets have arrived in Belarus, located north of Ukraine. Another person noted that the Pentagon fears the Ukrainian capital is “now in the crosshairs.”

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The American contingency plan

According to different sources informed of the situation, the United States Embassy in Kyiv has asked the State Department to authorize the evacuation of all non-essential workers and their families. A state government spokeswoman also said the department would not comment on private conversations. However, this choice of personnel abroad is made on the basis of a single criterion; American Safety and Security. Additionally, the embassy’s request is a step up from CNN’s report earlier this month that the United States was working on contingency plans to evacuate Americans from Ukraine. This comes as Russia continues to deploy troops near the border, raising fears of another invasion.

Officials in the United States are still unsure of Russian President Putin’s plans, or even if he has decided to invade. According to CNN, some officials who have seen the material say there is evidence that Russia intends to take Kiev and overthrow the government. On Friday, Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met but could not reach an agreement, although the two sides agreed to continue diplomatic negotiations. After the United States provides a formal response to Russian demands next week, the two officials will meet again.

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